K-3 and Kindergarten Entry Briefs and Updates

6/1/18 RIT Brief
Topics: Collaboration across regions, Spotlight on 5 Critical Components, and Information about Temporary Interruption of Service.

5/1/18 RIT Brief
Topics: Quick Guide Close Up with Gross Motor Skills, Spotlight on Developing Criteria for Success, and Information about Family Engagement.

4/10/18 RIT Brief
Topics: Quick Guide Close Up with Perseverance, Spotlight on Learning Targets, and Information from Regional Meetings.

3/1/18 RIT Brief
Topics: Quick Guide Close Up with Grip and Manipulation, Spotlight on Adapting/Responding to Learning Needs, and Upcoming Regional Meeting Information

2/5/18 RIT Brief
Topics: Quick Guide Close Up with Hand Dominance, Spotlight on Interpreting Evidence and Upcoming Regional Meeting information.

1/8/18 RIT Brief
Topics: Quick Guide Close Up with Following Directions, Spotlight on Eliciting Evidence of Learning and Upcoming Webinars.

12/1/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Quick Guide Close Up with Emotional Literacy and Upcoming KEA Webinars.

11/1/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Mythbusters; Quick Guide Close Up with Emotion Regulation; Upcoming KEA webinars; Information about how your regional team is working to meet your needs.

10/11/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Fall Regional Meeting highlights; Upcoming presentations and webinars; Technology Support; Literacy Connections.

9/7/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Important information about upcoming Regional Meetings; Links to Quick Guides for all KEA construct progressions; NCaeyc upcoming presentations; Technology Support, Status Summary dates; Literacy Connections.

8/17/17 RIT Brief Special Edition
Special Edition Focused on Research and Impact of the KEA: Published research evidence and best practice findings from over 60 NC state and national scholars and educational leaders; NC educators share the impact on student growth and teaching practices from implementing the KEA.

8/5/17 RIT Brief
Topics: How the FAP helps teachers in classrooms; PTEC Fall Regional Meeting; New Quick Guide Resources; Update Statewide Wiki; Literacy Connections.

7/10/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Winston-Salem Forsyth BIT meeting/Spirit Day; New K-3 FAP Administrator and Teacher modules; Early Adopters Communication; Global Implementation Conference; Literacy Connections.

6/2/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Quick Guides; NEW Online Module; Join our Advisory Council; Literacy Connections.

5/2/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Technology updates; Communities of Practice; KEA Webinar; Literacy Connections.

4/7/17 RIT Brief
Topics: 2017-18 Construct Information; Reflections from the Spring District Team Meetings, KEA Impact - Teachers' Perspective; Literacy Connections.

3/16/17 KEA Update Memo from Office of Early Learning Director, John Pruette
Topics: Required constructs for 2017-18 and some minor modifications to constructs.

3/3/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Upcoming Spring KEA District Team Meetings, Impact of the KEA: Ramona Warren, Principal in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (with video), Digging Deeper into the Language Development & Communications Domain with the Following Directions Construct Progression, K-3 Literacy Connections.

2/2/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Registration information for the 2017 KEA District Team Meetings, Impact of KEA Coaching Conversations (and video), Digging Deeper into the Health & Physical Construct Progressions, and K-3 Literacy Connections.

1/23/17 Letter
Topic: Letter of gratitude from Office of Early Learning Director, John Pruette

1/11/17 RIT Brief
Topics: Parent video resource, focus on building teacher capacity (Emotional Literacy), using reports, and upcoming spring regional meetings

12/9/16 RIT Brief
Topics: New parent resource, what's beyond day 60, RIT formative assessment goal, and administrator reports.

11/1/16 RIT Brief
Topics: New resources to support Status Summaries and learning centers, K-3 Literacy Update

10/5/16 RIT Brief
Topics: Professional development opportunities, status summary information, K-3 Literacy Update.

9/3/16 RIT Brief
Topics: Lesson Planning and the Formative Assessment Process, Regional Team Meetings Registration Information, Support Work in the Field, K-3 Literacy Update.

8/2/16 RIT Brief
Topics: Common questions and answers, NEW Technology Support page, Partnering with K-3 Literacy.

6/29/16 RIT Brief
Topics: Administrator Spotlight, NEW Technology Support Page

6/3/16 RIT Brief
Topics: Online modules, Teacher Spotlight, Follow us on Facebook

5/4/16 RIT Brief
Topics: KEA Scale-Up update, new KEA Family Flyer, Teachers' Voices: How are they doing it?

4/3/16 RIT Brief
Topics: Partnering with Families, Teacher Spotlight: Managing KEA in the Classroom, Adapting and Responding to Learning Needs

3/1/16 RIT Brief
Topics: KEA Professional Development, K-3 Formative Assessment Process Weebly, Developing Criteria for Success Prezi

2/8/16 RIT Brief
Topics: Developing Criteria for Success, KEA Professional Development, Opting-in to Additional Constructs

1/4/16 RIT Brief
Topics: Selecting Learning Targets, Formative Assessment Unpacked, KEA and K-3 Wiki Resources

12/1/15 RIT Brief
Topics: Adapting and Responding to Learning Needs, Formative Assessment Unpacked, Spotlight on KEA Gallery

11/12/15 RIT Brief
Topics: Interpreting the Evidence and Status Summaries

10/2/15 RIT Brief
Topic: Eliciting Evidence of Learning

9/11/15 KEA UPDATE
Topics: Technology Tips, 60 Day Status Summary, EC and KEA

8/31/15 RIT Brief
Topic: Implementing the Formative Assessment Process

7/15/15 APP Best Practices Guide
Topic: Security and Privacy Best Practices Using the APP

6/4/15 Technical Assistance Contact Information
Topic: Where to go for Support

5/18/15 Weekly Superintendents Message
Topic: Required Kindergarten Entry Assessment begins 2015-16