#1 Practice Profile

The Practice Profile provides instructional leaders with classroom examples of what to look for throughout the formative assessment process and is focused on the Five Critical Components. Check out the Look Fors, Open-Ended Questions, and Expected Implementation Rubric provided.

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#2 Practice Profile as a Coaching Tool PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is a companion to the Practice Profile and supports the understanding and use of the tool for administrators and coaches.

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#3 Mythbusters Activity

Click here to view and download the PPT

This PPT provides several questions and answers that can be presented in a fun and engaging way to deepen understanding and dispel myths about the KEA implementation.

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#4 PLC Support - Focus on Using Formative Assessment and the Construct Progressions

The PLC Protocol Template provides a framework for teachers as they come together to learn about formative assessment and apply their understanding of the construct progressions for the KEA.

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#5 PLC Support - Focus on Learning the Construct Progressions

The PLC Meeting Agenda provides a framework for teachers to learn about the construct progressions for the KEA.

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#6 Quick Access to Reports for Administrators

Administrators' Quick Access to Reports Document

Administrators have direct access to two reports: the Evidence Status Report and The Status Summary Report. Both of these reports and others that can be accessed by emulating a teacher's profile are described in this document.

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#7 Unpacking the Reports for Coaching and Capacity Building

Use the Analyzing KEA Evidence Document to support data analysis for both the Evidence Status Report and the Status Summary Report. The document provides questions to unpack the data and resources for coaching and capacity building.

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#8 FAQ About the KEA video

This video (viewable to the right) provides an overview about the KEA that can be a starting point for discussion and professional development as administrators and coaches onboard new staff.

#9 Technology Support and FAQ

Find resources and the answers you need to frequently asked questions on this page designed with your input!

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#10 Implementation Coaching from UNC-Chapel Hill

The Office of Early Learning partners with UNC-CH to grow in our capacity as systems coaches. We use this website to deepen our understanding.

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