Communities of Practice: groups of people who share a concern or passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

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DIT Community of Practice in Action!

January 2018 GoTo Meeting Focused on PLCs and Using KEA Data Beyond Day 60

Watch the 30 minute video below to see the January 2018 GoTo Meeting where Stacy Buck from Stokes County shared ways her district utilizes data tools to capture and keep track of data in an ongoing way throughout the school year. Stokes teachers are taking full advantage of the Team Member feature and Stacy and the Coach Team have created paper versions of documents to track student progress for PLC discussions and to serve as a bridge for the use of reports in the platform.
Check out this resources shared by Stacy during the GoTo Meeting:
Stokes KEA Timeline
Stokes KEA Progression Whole Class
Stokes KEA Progression Individual Student

September 2017 GoTo Meeting Focused on Coaching

During the September 2017 GoTo Meeting, Elizabeth Noell from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and Crystal Hamby from McDowell County Schools shared ways their districts engage lead kindergarten teachers in the coaching process. District leaders learned valuable ideas and gathered resources from each other!

These ideas and resources were shared during the online meeting:

Spring KEA Meeting to Fall KEA PD Example!

District teams are listening to each other and sharing valuable resources. This year during thier beginning of the year Professional Development sessions for kindergarten teachers, Alamance DIT leaders decided to use a resource shared by the Rockingham DIT leaders during our Spring Regional Meeting. During the PD sessions, kindergarten teachers in Alamance worked in small groups using the Rockingham-created "Beyond the 60th Day" activity. This is what a Community of Practice in ACTION is all about - both sharing valuable resources and capitalizing on what others have found useful. Thank you, ABSS and Rockingham! Click HERE for a PPT and templates of the "Beyond the 60th Day" activity.

Rockingham Team shares how their Connect Teams go beyond the 60th day, learn the progressions, and plan together! They shared the template they used with Alamance.

During recent PD sessions, Alamance teachers used the Rockingham template in small group discussions to learn more about the progressions and plan together.

Add to the Community of Practice by sharing your 2017-18 District Implementation Plan!

The following implementation plan drafts have been shared by teams to contribute to the Community of Practice as teams continue to develop their implementation plans:

Email or to share your plan.

Check out the resources District Implementation Teams (DITs) are sharing!

Rockingham County Schools

During the March 2017 regional meeting and a recent GoTo meeting, the Rockingham DIT shared how they use Connect Teams at the building level to create an aligned and balanced instruction and assessment approach to add to the Community of Practice.

Newton-Conover City Schools

During the March 2017 regional meeting, the Newton-Conover DIT shared how utilizing a Lead Teacher for demonstrating the KEA and peer coaching has been successful in their district and they added to the Community of Practice.

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

During the June GoTo meeting, the WSFCS DIT shared their Building Implementation Team (BIT) planning template as part of the Community of Practice.

Have a skill to share or looking for an idea? Use this Give and Get resource!

Several DIT members volunteered to share their experiences and ideas during the March 2017 regional meeting.
DIT members shared their contact information on the following topics:
  • Communication
  • Online Platform
  • KEA Content
  • Formative Assessment Process
  • Feedback Loop

The topics are aligned with the Office of Early Learning strategic goals and the DIT 2017-18 planning template.
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