Spring 2017 KEA District Team Meeting

March 14, 2017: Piedmont Triad Spring 2017 KEA District Team Meeting

8:30am to 2:00pm at the Asheboro Professional Development Center (1221 South Park St., Asheboro, NC)

March 16, 2017: Northwest Spring 2017 KEA District Team Meeting

9:30am to 3:00pm at Horizons Elementary Preschool Resource Staff Development Room (332 Greenhaven Drive NW, Lenoir, NC)

Northwest and Piedmont Triad Spring 2017 KEA District Team Meeting Resources

NEW! Update for 2017-8 from Office of Early Learning Director, John Pruette
A letter of gratitude from Office of Early Learning Director, John Pruette
Spring 2017 KEA Session Power Point
Agenda and Team Roles
Planning Template
Planning Template Sample
Rockingham Team Slides with live links to resources (Please email June Nealy with questions at jnealy@rock.k12.nc.us.)
Rockingham slides - Beyond the First 60 Days
Rockingham slides - Collaboration Session Slide Deck (Incorporating Written Comprehension Into Guided Reading)
Newton-Conover City Schools KEA At-A-Glance Resource
Administrator Practice Profile
PLC Planning Template (includes Glows and Grows document)
KEA Overview Powerpoint to be used by PD teams to provide an overview of the KEA or to onboard new teachers and administrators:

For a transcript of this video click here.

Go to the KEA Resources Page for Quick Guides, Posters and Planning Guides, Family Video, and Integrated Lessons.
Go to the Technology Support Page for technology assistance information and technology Q&A.
Go to the Modules Page for brief modules about the process with classroom teacher examples and interpreting the evidence practice.


Northwest and Piedmont Triad Fall 2016 Planning Session Resources

Northwest Session Fall 2016 KEA Session Power Point
Piedmont Triad PTEC Fall 2016 KEA Session Power Point

Handouts for Fall 2016 Planning Sessions:

Planning Template for Fall Session 2016
Previous Team Planning Template from Spring 2016 (Use if needed.)
Bracketing handout
Status Summary Step by Step
AT-A-Glance Document
Glows and Grows Communication Tool
PLC Planning Tool
My Current Practices Planning Document
Family Flyer

Did your team miss the Fall 2016 Planning Session?

View this Regional Meeting Recap which includes an overview of the information and resources shared!
A special thanks to the Alamance-Burlington Team for allowing us to record and post this session to share.

Visit the KEA Resources Page for NEW resources: Integrated Lessons, KEA Construct Observation Guides, and Classroom Planning Guides and Posters.

Visit the Technology Support Page for the NEW technology resources shared during the Fall 2016 session.

Previous Professional Development Sessions for District Teams

Northwest and Piedmont Triad Spring 2016 Planning Sessions

Spring 2016 KEA K-3 Session Power Point
Handouts for Spring 2016 Planning Sessions:
Team Planning Template: This template will be used throughout the session to gather ideas for your team to use for planning professional development in your district.
Opting-In Step by Step
Building Team Meeting Summary Form (Glows/Grows)
Anatomy of a Construct Progression Graphic
FAP Matching Activity
NC Critical Components Handout
Self Reflection Tool
FAP Jigsaw Activity

Additional Resources for District Teams

Facilitator's Guides for KEA Implementation

Technology Facilitator's Guide (Using the Formative Assessment Process with the Technology Platform)
April Facilitator's Guide (Interpreting and Using Evidence and Engaging Families)
March Facilitator's Guide (Writing Anecdotal and Observation-based Notes, Construct Progressions, Multiple Assessment Means)
February Facilitator's Guide (5 Domains of Learning & Development, Observing Students & Asking Probing Questions, Examining Effective Practices that Support a Formative Assessment Process)
January Facilitators' Guide (A Vision of the K-3 Formative Assessment Process)

Handouts and Materials Used During Planning Sessions

NC Five Critical Components Handout
Self Reflection
Mobile App Best Practices
At-A-Glance Constructs Only
At-A-Glance Constructs and Performance Descriptors
Construct Progressions & Situations Book
Glossary of Terms (Generated from our regional March webinar.)
The Lippit Model (Change process handout.)
Formative Assessment Article for Teachers
Formative Assessment Process Handout
Communication Cycles Handout
Facilitative Administration Support Strategies Handout
Content Plan
District Team Roles and Minutes Form
Planning Template
Training and Coaching Handout with Adult Learning Synthesis
Family Flyer English and Spanish
Questions (English and Spanish) to adapt and add to your family surveys and conferences.
Family PPT Slides

Office of Early Learning LiveBinders